Bear with me…

Bear with me as I Tinkertoy some ideas together on how to use this media to present our artists.

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Joel Blum (Zygote)

"FireFlies" 12"H by 7"W $110
12″H by 7″W
"Luminight" 3"H by 3.5"W $42
3″H by 3.5″W

Joel Blum (Zygote) is a designer and craftsman living in the Miracle Mile neighborhood in Stockton California.
Working as a groundskeeper at UOP by day, he operates a Night Studio with his studio partner Jessica Fong after hours.
Joel’s work is exhibited nationally under the nom-de-plume of Zygote.

"Sex, Death, and Fireflies" 11"H by 8"W $110
“Sex, Death, and Fireflies”
11″H by 8″W

Locally he is one of the handful of master craftsmen that have been creating beggar bowls for the TideWater’s infamous Supper Suppers over the past decade. 
While his name is unknown, his work is a favorite in cupboards all over Stockton.

Check PortCity Mud’s feed over the next few months to get a glimpse at this years work as it leaves the kilns for this years SuperSupper event in February.